What i'm about

I actively pursue projects that will let me fail fast, learn fast, attempt again and again. You won’t hear me talk up what I learned at college, that’s because I learn way more about marketing from reading articles online and doing side projects than I do in college.

Did someone say value-driven

Personally, I am analytical, self-motivated, value-driven and entrepreneurial. My motto in life is “Question Everything”. This motto created a drive and thirst for knowledge in me. I spend at least 2 hours each day – everyday, reading something new.

And 5 years from now huh?

My Professional goal is to become expertly proficient in paid ads (PPC), analytics and SQL. In addition to having a decent understanding of other core digital marketing functions such as:

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (Building landing pages, A/B testing)
  • Design (Creating Infographics, banner ads and pitch decks)
  • Email marketing
  • Content and
  • Copywriting

I can totally see myself as a ‘T’. I decided against setting a time goal because there will never be a time when I’m done learning.

Iet's get personal

In my own time,

When I’m on my computer. You’ll find me casually lurking in these places. Twitter. Medium. Reddit. Inbound.org. GrowthHackers and Quora. I enjoy reading about startups and tech in general. I’m a compulsive learner. For 3 hours a day every day, I read articles and blogs. It has taught me more about marketing than school ever will.

When I’m not on my computer. Chances are you can find me at the nearest football pitch, Gym or the kitchen. Fitness is very important to me. I don’t usually have time to cook. But when I do, I get fancy!

I’m a Digital marketer + Student Entrepreneur.

I love building + marketing products that provide extreme value